Car Hire Company In Malawi – Things to Consider Before Choosing One

Car Hire Company In Malawi – Things to Consider Before Choosing One

Malawi,also known as the warm heart of Africa, is an exciting destination to visit. There are multiple locations and activities to take part in which can make your holiday an unforgettable experience. Our country is filled with adventurous locations that allow people to explore and admire its natural beauty. There are several recommendations we can make to people visiting Malawi, such as planning a journey to the popular Lake Malawi, with hundreds of hotels and lodges to openly accommodate tourists.

Furthermore, there are admired landmarks, such as the mountain of Mulanje for people who are not afraid to get their boots dirty, and hike to the peak to enjoy the unexplainable scenery. There are many activities that one can partake in this highly anticipated tourist attraction, leaving visitors with the urge to return and experience a different environment and set of events from their last visit.

There are articles that have been written to guide visitors and suggest a variety of ideas depending on the type of holiday that is being expected. Whether it’s a relaxing day at the beach, a rocky climb in the mountains, or simply enjoying our diverse foods and lifestyle, the choice is yours. This being said, there is nothing more important than the source of transportation you will use to get you from one vicinity to the other. Below is a list of important factors to consider before hiring a vehicle in Malawi to begin your adventure.



Traveling can sometimes be hectic and you may face inevitable circumstances, such as delayed or cancelled flights. In the event that you arrive ahead of schedule, you will be forced to take a taxi to your hotel or lodge, which can be very expensive considering the airport is quite a distance from the town. This being said, it is important to book a car in advance with a car hire company which can be found waiting for you upon your arrival.

It is important to ask the company if they offer airport parking and a drop-off service. This is to consider who will be responsible for the vehicle as it waits for your arrival, in case of a delayed flight, you might have to pay additional costs for waiting/parking fees. Ignoring this may lead to unnecessary expenses and an undesirable way to begin your holiday.



Customer service is a key aspect when considering which car rental company to choose in Malawi. Luckily, it is easy to recognize the principles of a company the very first time you contact them. For example, the efficiency and professionalism of the company in response to your inquiry will immediately determine what standards are to be expected. The helpfulness of staff members and their support can help you with any decision making required to help simplify your holiday.



Not everyone knows how to operate a vehicle and may require assistance from the car hire company they choose. Some may know how to drive but unfortunately do not have the required documentation to legalize them using a vehicle on Malawian roads.

Therefore, a professionally trained chauffeur is required to escort our visitors to their required destinations. This can also be beneficial due to the fact that these drivers are familiar with the roads and may also suggest nearby places you can consider visiting to further increase the variation of your experience.

Not all companies in Malawi offer these services and it is important to be proactive and have a solution before your arrival.



In Malawi, there are many different areas which require different vehicles, depending on the type of holiday you have planned. Different destinations may require different vehicles depending on the route that you will take, considering some roads are more hectic than others.

In the town, a small saloon car can execute the job, but if you are considering going into the outskirts of the country, it is advisable to use a 4×4 vehicle to avoid any unwanted inconveniences, such as getting stuck in mud or experiencing flat tyres along the way.

Luckily, you can consult the staff members of your car hire company and they can advise you on which vehicle is more suitable for your designated journey.



It is necessary to find out what kind of payments you can make to ensure your holiday runs smoothly, as some companies do not accept online VISA payments, meaning you will have to pay cash which could inconvenience you upon arrival, in case you have not had time to change your money to the local currency.



Before booking a vehicle, it is important to fully understand the company’s fuel policy to avoid incurring undesirable expenses. Here are the most common fuel policy options car hire companies in Malawi offer:

  • Full to full

If you are given a vehicle with a full tank, it is expected to be returned the same way. This suggests that after you have completed exploring the Warm Heart of Africa, you can visit the closest filling station before returning the vehicle to its respective location.

  • Full to empty

This option implies that the vehicle has not been filled upon return, and requires customers to pay upfront for the remaining fuel before it can be off-hired.



In Malawi, it is a serious offence to drive around without motor vehicle insurance. Therefore, make sure that the car you are hiring has a valid insurance. In most cases, car hire companies in Malawi go for two common insurance covers – Third Party and Full Comprehensive.

It is important to understand the terms of each policy covered. For example, if you are hiring a car which is under Third Party policy and you are involved in an accident where it happens to be you are the one guilty, the insurer will only fix the other car and you will be responsible for the costs of your own car damages.

While under Full Comprehensive Policy, you are safe because the insurance company will be responsible to fix damages of both cars regardless of who is wrong.  However, rental charges for cars with full comprehensive policy can be very high. Therefore, if your budget is minimal, it is advisable to choose Third Party insurance, however, it will be necessary to drive safely in order to avoid unwanted charges.



It is important to know what you are paying for in advance before commiting to any car hire company in Malawi to avoid inconveniences. Don’t fall into a trap of cheap offers without first going through each line of terms and conditions. That’s why at Ambassador Car Hire Malawi, we make everything clear so that you know exactly where your penny is going.

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Updates on Covid-19

Updates on Covid-19

Despite continuous news regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), Ambassador Car Hire Malawi is still open. However, we have taken a few steps considering the fact that the well being of our customers and employees is a top priority.

  1. We are following the guidance and recommendations from the World Health Organization and our national health agencies.
  2. Our vehicles are cleaned inside and outside. We also make sure that hand sanitizers are available in each vehicle wherever possible.
  3. We have enforced the wearing of masks in all our offices among our staff as well as customers
  4. No handshakes
  5. Social Distance is encouraged
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